Larry Bensusan

Larry Bensusan is a complimentary health practitioner with both humans and equine clients. He specialises in Shiatsu massage, nutrition, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and thought field therapy.

Over the past 16 years, he has given over 11,000 treatments to horses successfully helping to alleviate their many different problems.

He has owned, bred and ridden many horses, purely for the exploration and enjoyment they bring, but also for the love they gave him.

Whilst working with horses, he often wondered what these magnificent beasts were thinking and it was this notion that started his quest for understanding the emotions of a horse. He started to look at the scientific research that recorded how a horse responded to its environment and humans. The book is the outcome of this exploration.

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What Larry is reading at the moment.....

Larry has decided to try and learn Latin!! He is also deeply into research of all things nutritional for horses.

What people have said about Larry.....

... I have used him for last 3years he is very good! - funnily enough he is coming out next week!! - he does my eventers and then my back!! (Horse & Hound Forum)

 ... quite a few people I know have used him and so last time he was at my yard he had a look at my boy. I am very aware of what is and isn't wrong with my horse and had my sceptical head on, but I will definitely be using him again… (Horse & Hound Forum)

... Larry came to give us a talk entitled ‘Open the Stable Door to the Emotions of your Horse’ was a fascinating insight into a horses view of life, covering their sight, hearing and scent capabilities and how their flight mechanism drives how they react to situations – I certainly learned a lot and have a much better understanding of why my horse reacts to certain situations, in fact also why he reacts when there appears to be nothing going on at all!...(Chair - EEFDG)

... I found him to be a practical, sensible, experienced person... (Horse & Hound Forum)

... I haven't used Larry myself, but have heard nothing but good things about him…. (Horse & Hound Forum)

... I was also was very sceptical when my instructor recommended using him.  I have always been of the old school of "throwing" horses but I was very impressed by his approach. My horse is very difficult and has a vet phobia but Larry worked with him very quietly and the results were noticeable and the horse seemed to enjoy. I have him coming again next week!! (Horse & Hound Forum)

... What I also liked is when I asked how often he should be treated, his reply was only when I thought he needed it. (Horse & Hound Forum)

... Larry, I can't thank you enough!...Just had a session with Lewis and I wanted to tell you that Rosie is a different horse! She is moving much more freely and the holding of her tail to the right has almost gone. She only swished her tail a little bit when Lewis got on. I sat her on for a little while and she felt so much better so thank you again...also, Lewis was very interested in your book and is going to be in touch with you to get himself a copy. (Wendy)

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